Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Truth Behind Fishnets

Fishnets. And no, I'm not talking about the things guys use to catch fish. I'm talking about hose. Common knowledge has shown that fishnets can be trashy since they are seen often in a less flattering light, however, they are huge this season!

Last fall season, we saw the beginning of a major fishnet epidemic. I am NOT talking about the traditional showgirl fishnets; the fishnets I'm talking about are modified tights with cut-out argyle patterns or other patterns. These are cheap and well-made, and can be bought for around $6. 

When wearing these I would suggest at least a knee length skirt or something close to it. If you go all-out on tights, then you want something more demure over them. If you went short, people might get the wrong idea. As for shoes, wear a cute flat (remember diamond patterns mean pointed toed shoes, round patterns- round toe) or a sexy boot.

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