Sunday, September 13, 2009

You might actually want to look like Hello Kitty...

But in reality you should seriously stick to bows on headbands that do not resemble extra appendages. Ladies, if someone tells you your headband is twee, that does not make it cute. It means: "Please remove that God-awful thing and shove your mangled hair into a ponytail."

If you want to wear a headband, please follow the guidelines:

1. Wearing a headband if your hair is anything shorter than a bob, is redundant. Use styling serum. 

2. Anything that sticks out more than an inch from your head is considered socially unacceptable and distracting. Trust me, you don't want to be known as that girl.

3. Looking like Hello Kitty is for 2 year- olds. Not grown women. Should you want to look like that angelic kitty, paint some whiskers on your face and call it a day.

4. The thicker the headband the longer and fluffier the hair should be; think Brigitte Bardot.

5. Crazy headbands (anything with feathers or extra accoutrement) are acceptable only if you know the statement you are trying to make.

6. A little hairspray goes a long way.

and finally,

7. Bobbypinning your headband on defeats the purpose of wearing one.

Love always,

The Fashionista

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